10 Undeniable signs that he really likes you: he is not just being nice

If he really likes you, he will give you hints directly or indirectly to inform you. However, it is not always true because some hints are more complex than others.

Some guys want to avoid disappointment, which is why they will make their hints difficult to decipher.

Are you finding it difficult on how to tell if he really likes you? This guide gives you hacks that help you tell if he really likes you.

Three reasons why you get confused if he really likes you or he is just being flirty

Sometimes, it can get confusing if a guy is flirting or just being friendly, and you might make a wrong move just to decipher if he really likes you.

Check out why it happens:

1. Some guys have the happy-go-lucky attitude

One of the reasons why some girls ask, “Is he attracted to me or just being nice?” is because of the guy’s cheerful and lighthearted disposition. They get confused because they cannot tell if the guy’s attitude is from a romantic standpoint or not.

If you are long-time friends with a very free guy, you will be confused about his real intentions because he could be masking his feelings with his attitude; thereby making it difficult for you to know if he really likes you.

2. Some guys have sugar-coated tongues

If you are close with a guy with a sugar-coated tongue, it would be hard for you to tell if his compliments are flirtatious or not. This is why some girls ask if a guy compliments you.

Is he interested?

Some guys leverage on this ability to confuse the girl, making it hard for you to know if he really likes you.

3. Some guys are more caring than the others

Another reason girls get confused and ask, “Is he into me or just being nice?” because of their caring attitude.

Some guys are more caring than their counterparts, and girls love this! If the friendship continues for a long time, the girl might be forced to believe that the guy is flirting with them because of their caring attitude.

10 Ways to tell if he really likes you or he is just being nice:

If you are asking to know if he really likes you or is he just being friendly, there are ways to help you decipher:

1. How he gets more familiar with you

If he really likes you: Are you confused if he is friendly or flirty? One way to know a guy who is flirting is by the information he wants to know. A guy that really likes you will want to know what makes you special, what makes you happy, and other sensitive information.

2. How he speaks about himself

If he really likes you: If you are thinking is he flirting or just being nice, you can know how he talks about himself. A guy who really likes you will talk about his love life, best date, romantic nights, and related topics.

The reason is to allow you to have a glimpse into his romantic side.

3. The way he greets you

If he really likes you: He will act more composed and cool when he wants to greet you. This is to allow you to feel comfortable with him, and if you are sensitive enough, you can tell from his gestures.

If he is friendly: A friendly guy greets you the way he would greet everyone. If you want to know, “Is he just a friend or is he interested?” Watch the way he greets everyone around you and compare it to yours.

4. How he makes jokes with you

If he really likes you: His jokes are on purpose. He wants to activate something within you. And if you are observant, you will see that he is bent on getting a reaction from you. Sometimes, the jokes might be too excessive because he wants you to be obsessed with him.

 If he is friendly: A friendly guy will joke with you the same way he does with others. You will enjoy his company because you are not under pressure to laugh at his jokes. Most times, his jokes are from a carefree and innocent standpoint.

5. How he holds little discussions with you

If he really likes you: Whenever there is a chance for a little discussion, he will want the conversation to go deeper. He will do this regularly because he is trying to know you more, and he will ask questions to keep the conversation going deeper.

If he is just being nice: On the other hand, the friendly guy holds regular short conversations that are work-related, school-related, etc. Even if you talk regularly with him, he is not trying to bond with you. If you share a niche with him, most conversations would be centered on that.

6. How he behaves around you

If he really likes you: You will notice that he changes his behavior when he is around you. He tries to act more composed and attentive. He also tries to match your energy at that period so that you can easily notice him. Also, if he is nervous around you, he really likes you.

If he is just being nice: A friendly guy normally interacts with no strings attached. He interacts with everyone, including you, in a sweet manner. He does not try to fake any behavior.

7. How he discusses other girls

If he really likes you: The way a guy discusses other girls will make you ask questions like, is he just a friend or is he interested?

If he really likes you he will prefer speaking about girls he had a crush on, those who broke his hearts, and his past escapades. He would also tell you indirectly that he is single.

If he is friendly: A friendly guy will see you as someone he can count on for advice. If he has a crush on someone or has relationship issues, he will share it with you.

8. His energy levels with you

If he really likes you: When he is around you, he will try to keep his energy levels high. Even though the atmosphere is dull, he will try to make it lively and cheer you up. Everything looks exciting to the guy if he’s with you.

If he is just being nice: The friendly guy barely notices if the atmosphere is dull, and if he does, he does not consciously do anything. If he is discussing with you, he can have his mind somewhere else. Sometimes, he could be on his phone when he is with you.

9. His interest in knowing you more

If he really likes you: If you are wondering how to tell if a guy really likes you or just being friendly, watch how he wants to know you more.

A guy that really likes you will be quick to point out the similarities you share, and he would indirectly tell you how cool it would be to be partners. He is less concerned about your other peculiarities because he is finding a connecting point with you.

If he is friendly: In comparison, a friendly guy would be patient to listen, and he would contribute when he needs to. You will easily know it’s a harmless conversation for normal friendship bonding.

10. How he tries to impress you

If he really likes you: If you ask does he like me or is he just being nice, watch the way he shows off his best side to impress you. For instance, if he is good at cooking, he would ensure you appreciate that side of him which would give you more reasons to like him.

If he is friendly: A friendly guy is not after any glory. He only tries to impress you to remind you that he’s a smart friend. He would not force you to give compliments about something he’s good at.

Although, no one better tells the difference between the man who really likes you and the guy that’s just being nice than the girl involved. You have to be sensitive to the slightest details because even the friendly guy might equally like you. Another way to fix this is to ask them about their intentions instead of giving you unending signals.