2021 Updated Tricks To Flirt With A Girl On Facebook

2021 Updated Tricks To Flirt With A Girl On Facebook

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today we’re showing you year 2021 tricks to flirt with a girl on Facebook.

These days, social media is a huge part of almost everyone’s life. This means: At some point, you’re probably going to end up flirting with a girl on Facebook.

And when that happens, there’s a specific set of tricks that will help you flirt with a girl on Facebook.

Here are 2021 updated effective tricks to flirt with a girl on Facebook

1. Invite Her To, Only, the Smaller Events

If you want to show her she’s actually important to you, in your never-ending sea of Facebook friends, try inviting her to the smaller events that aren’t open to everybody. Maybe that’s a small get-together, a beach bonfire, or even a show you’re doing. Not only will she appreciate that you thought of her, but That can create a physical avenue to flirt with a girl on Facebook.

2. Post Stuff She Likes To Her Wall

The keywords here are “stuff she likes.” And when done correctly, it’s the perfect opportunity to not only flirt with a girl on Facebook but also to show her that you know exactly the kind of stuff she enjoys.

So, post that cute puppy video or a clip from your favorite show or an interesting article… but just make sure it’s something she’ll want to see and that you don’t post every day.

3. Don’t Over-Comment Or Like Her Posts Too Often

While obviously, you want to show her you like the stuff she posts (and comment on it too), unless you want to risk coming off desperate or maybe a little creepy… show off some of that highly attractive restraint and save your likes for things you actually “like.” Because as much as it might seem valuable to flirt with a girl on Facebook, she’ll appreciate your likes even more and get a better sense of who you are when they’re used sparingly.

4. After You Friend Her… Shoot Her A Quick Message

People hand out Friend invites like they hand out candy on Halloween, which unfortunately for you means it’s all too easy for a girl you like to lose track of whom she just friended (or who friended her).

So in order to make sure you don’t get lost among her potentially thousands of Facebook friends, after you friend her, just shoot her a quick, friendly message saying something like “hey, it was great meeting you the other day.” And if you’re really feeling good about it you could be bold and even suggest hanging out again soon to avail you the opportunity to flirt with a girl on Facebook.

5. Choose A Profile Pic That Gets Good Comments

Let’s be real here gentlemen, having a nice profile pic will get your attention more than a boring one will. But research has shown, that you shouldn’t actually focus on just getting good attention, what you really want, is good comments.

So what does a profile picture that gets comments to show the world? Well, according to science, 2 words: Social cues. This means it’s a pic that shows who you really are and gives people something to like. A good profile photo will give you an added advantage to flirt with a girl on Facebook.

6. Don’t Spam Her With The Notifications

If the girl you like has notifications turned on, she’s probably already getting a million a day like everyone else.

So unless you’re looking for the quickest way to lose her as more than just a Facebook friend, make sure when she gets them from you, they’re for things that matter when you want to flirt with a girl on Facebook.

7. Take It Outside Facebook

As much as you might have a good thing going online, eventually, you may both have to use Facebook to actually go see each other. And while it may not sound like it, this can actually be pretty hard for a lot of guys.

Because if you think about it, being engaging and charismatic are way more difficult offline: There’s no editing your words, no thinking about what you say or how you respond. This is all the more reason to get out as early on as possible.

So do yourself a favor: don’t let your online persona become an idea that you can’t live up to… and go actually hang out with the girl you like already!