6 Tips on How to cope with annoying and difficult relatives

Let’s bring this truth to light that throughout your life, you will be in situations where you simply have to cope with annoying and difficult relatives you just cannot stand. This may be your aunt with her irritating and frequent kisses or an annoying cousin who gets into your nerves all time, making you eat play-dough.

No doubt, these annoying and difficult relatives drive you nuts but it does not mean that they are impossible to handle. Telling your annoying and difficult relatives exactly how maddening they are often isn’t a viable choice. This simple guide will educate you on how to deal with annoying relatives, using various tactics.

  • Patience is a virtue


All it really takes to deal with annoying and difficult relatives is PATIENCE, PATIENCE and PATIENCE. Human mind stops thinking in stress and frustration. So, you really have to control your nerves while dealing with someone infuriating. A cool mind has two advantages; it helps in providing you with new tactics every time and it gives you courage to handle them properly.


  • Avoid them as much as you can


There is no need to mingle with your annoying and difficult relatives or to take part with them in various activities as they can take advantage of your leniency. Make them realize that you are not happy with their irritating attitude.


  • Take a sweet revenge


The backfire formula really works in many situations where you just have to get onto the nerves of your annoying and difficult relatives in return of their irritating behavior. For example, if your miser aunt irritates you with her tight hugs or kisses, simply ask her to lend you some money. For sure, she will not bestow you with her hug or kiss again, so cheers.

  • Control your anger and feelings – stay cool


No doubt at times it becomes unbearable to handle the annoying and difficult relatives. However, you have to control your feeling at any cost. Do not make the mistake to hurt them, showing aggression or getting physical with them as it can make the situation more complex. Moreover, the next person is no one else but your relative who is a human being too. May be his or her behavior is a normal one for them but irritating one for you. Simply imagine how you would feel if you were them and they treat you with anger. Being nice and calm to annoying and difficult relatives will be no doubt very tough job for you therefore simply draw a picture of that specific person and rip it up. It is the simple but effective formula to get your anger out, without harming the next person’s feelings.



  • Share the situation


You can share the situation with other family members to come up with better solution. You can also talk to someone who is close to your annoying relative. They can make them realize about their specific behavior which is getting intolerable for you. This tactic gives birth to productive solution of the problem.


  • Make a deal with your annoying relative


If your annoying and difficult relatives will NOT STOP, and the other family members cannot stop them either, then the best thing you can do is “Make a deal with them.” Like, ask them to stop bothering you and you will provide them with their favorite thing in return.