A New Video Trimming Tool for Instagram Stories Clips (2020)


Instagram is working on a new video trimming tool for Instagram Stories, which would make it easier to edit and upload your Stories clips within the app.

The new video trimming tool for Instagram Stories would provide a video slider trimming tool built into Stories, which would function in the same way as similar video editing tools available on other platforms. In the creative options along the top of the first frame, a new editing icon has been added. Tap on that and you’ll be taken through to the second frame trimming process.

The new video trimming tool for Instagram Stories is fairly straight-forward, but it could provide significant benefit to Stories creators. At present, many creators use third-party editing tools before uploading to Stories in order to get their timing and content right in each frame, but the capacity to edit in-stream would streamline the process, particularly when you’re on the go.


For brands, it would also make it easier to create more focused, polished Stories. And while various reports have suggested that off-the-cuff, in-the-moment Stories perform best, being able to trim and enhance your Stories frames with the new video trimming tool for Instagram Stories is not a significant deviation from that same type of immediacy and connection.

There’s no word from Instagram as to if or when this function will be launched, but given Wong’s amazing track record of uncovering unreleased features in various apps, you can probably expect to see an official update on the new video trimming tool for Instagram Stories in mid-March.