Adam Devine’s Mom Plays an Important role in his life.

Adam Devine’s mom plays an important role in his life. She’s the manager of his Facebook page and her posts are endearing dorky. Her comments are truly something to behold. 

The comedy star told Lilly Singh that he asked his mom to manage his Facebook page after she retired because he isn’t a fan of the platform. 

“I don’t really like Facebook. Sorry, Mark, you’re meddling too much Mark,” he said. 

Devine explained that his mom is reluctant to share her real identity with her son’s Facebook fans because she doesn’t think they’d like it. 

So, she posts as if she’s Devine. He recounted one dazzling post: “One 420, she missed 420 by a few days — my mom doesn’t really know what 420 means — she wrote ‘sorry I missed 420, I guess I was 420ing too hard.'” Wow. 

“Earn some brownie points and take your sweetheart to a really cool rom-com this V-day,” was another dorky comment left by his mom. 

To be fair, we’d never have guessed this wasn’t Devine.