How To Apply For Canada Work Permit

How To Apply For Canada Work Permit

If you want to get Canada work permit, this is the only guide you will need.

Yes, if you are looking to work in Canada, you need to apply for a work permit. It is the permission you need. You don’t have to be afraid of being rejected as we are here to guide you to get your desired work permit effortlessly.

Read on and note down every necessary information!

 What Is A Canada Work Permit?

A Canadian work permit is permission given to you from the Canadian government which allows you to take up a job within Canada. You might be wondering if you can’t work without a permit? Truthfully speaking, it is necessary except otherwise stated.

 Documents needed to Apply For Canada Work Permit

There are different types of work permits, so the documents needed will be depended on the work permit type. However, below are a few of the documents;

  • Finalized application forms,
  • Evidence of status in Canada,
  • Family members evidence of status,
  • Employment letter,
  • Biometric data,
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment,
  • Curriculum vitae,
  • Evidence of meeting job requirements,
  • Marriage certificate (If married),
  • Valid Passport copy,
  • Educational certificate or result,
  • Medical checkup result,
  • Evidence of payment,
  • Evidence of sponsorship,
  • Recent passport photographs.

Note: Most of these documents depending on the type of work permit you are applying for.

Other additional factors that make you eligible are; you must be above 18, have no criminal records, and ability to interact in English. A bit of French knowledge can be an added advantage.

Types of Work Permit You can Apply for

There are different types of work permits. Read on to see that which you can apply for.

A Work Permit that requires a Labor Market Impact Assessment

This type of work permit can be obtained through the following ways;

  • Global Talent Stream,
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program,
  • Facilitated Labor market impact assessment.

A work permit without Labor Market Impact Assessment but a job offer or employment contract

This includes;

  • Intra-Company transfers,
  • International Mobility program,
  • CETA work permits,
  • NAFTA work Permits.

Open Work Permit

Here, you need no job offer or labor market impact assessment because you already have some sort of connection with Canada.

  • Post-graduation work permits,
  • International Experience Canada (Working Holiday visa),
  • Bridging open work permits,
  • Spouse accompanying student or worker.

So the first step to your application is figuring out the kind of permit you need.

What Are The Two Major Types of Work Permit?

When applying for a work permit, you have to be careful, because there are two major types, so carefully read through to avoid making mistakes.

Open or Unrestricted Work Permit

This is the type of work permit that allows you to work for any employer and anywhere you deem fit.

Close or Restricted Work Permit

Here, you are allowed to work only for a particular employer until their work permit changes. This requires that you have a job offer already before applying.

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All work permits can be differently applied for, but you need to do is know the one you would like to apply for and find out about their openings online. You should note that a student studying abroad automatically has a work permit included in their study permit.

If you don’t have a study permit, try to look for job openings available in Canada through Job Banks, LinkedIn, and other job sites.

Have you been offered a job? Or you don’t have a job offer? Irrespective of what it is, go online, don’t be left out, check for any available program in Canada that suits your personality, if you get lucky, do not wait again, go and apply for a Canada work permit. you can as well get a study permit to authorize you.

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