Ford set to unveil its Mustang-inspired electric SUV on November 17th

Ford set to unveil its Mustang-inspired electric SUV on November 17th

Ford will unveil its first mass-market electric vehicle — a Mustang-inspired electric SUV codenamed “Mach 1” that was first teased in January 2018 — on November 17th, the company announced on Thursday.

The century-old automaker has been relatively tight-lipped about what to expect from the electric SUV, aside from saying that it will draw inspiration from the company’s famous muscle car and that it will be able to travel more than 300 miles on a full charge, which is a huge improvement over the automaker’s earlier electric vehicles.

The new vehicle, which is also now rumored to be called “Mach E,” has been spotted a number of times in recent months in testing camouflage. There’s been speculation that it will cost around $50,000, come in short and long-range variants, and be available in rear or all-wheel-drive configurations.

The new EV is expected to be the flagship of Ford’s big $11 billion push into electric vehicles, which is supposed to spawn 40 all-electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022 (across all of Ford’s global markets). Ford has also teased an all-electric F-150 truck that is expected to follow the SUV into the market.

Ford has diversified its electrification plans since announcing the $11 billion effort in 2018, too. The company announced this past April that it will build an electric SUV using tech from EV startup Rivian as part of a $500 million investment. Ford is also partnering with Volkswagen, and it will build at least one electric vehicle using Volkswagen’s modular EV platform.