Four profitable business you can start today with your smartphone.

Four profitable business you can start today with your smartphone.

Businesses to do with your smartphone

These days one does not wait for white-collar jobs anymore to put food on theirs. With that mobile phone on your hand, you can live that comfortable life you always dream of. Below are some businesses you can start today with your mobile phone.

Mini importation
This is the most trendy business now, especially in Nigeria. Gone are the days when importation is meant for millionaires It’s a business you can do at the comfort of your room with your smartphone. It is when two or more persons pull their resources together to bring in goods from other countries of the world.

Those that are good writers and are still jobless are really missing in the game. A thousand and one persons are looking for your type to do jobs for them. Though some writing jobs demand the use of a computer one can start small with the mobile phone until he/she can afford a computer

You can become an online coach through the knowledge you got from reading so many books, watching videos, discussing with different people in the area you would like to be coaching on. This pays a lot as all you need to do is to listen to people’s problems and give them advice according to the knowledge you have gathered. Areas one can coach on are relationship, marriage, health, education, career, and parenting.

This is the easiest. All you need to is compile the knowledge you have on a particular thing, type it into a soft copy and share it to people after charging them a token.