Google Expands Audio Advertising Options to Help Businesses Tap Into the Rising Consumption of Podcasts

Google has announced a new range of audio advertising options in order to help businesses tap into the rising consumption of podcasts, digital radio, and other digital audio forms.

As explained by Google:

“In 2020, US adults are projected to listen to digital audio more than radio for the first time ever. As the audio landscape continues to shift more heavily to digital, marketers have more opportunities to reach their audiences and get their attention using a long-proven format.”

To help with this, Google’s adding new features like Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio and programmatic monetization into Google Ad Manager.

Here’s how they work:

First off, Google is testing new dynamic ads for audio, which will adjust your ad delivery based on how users are engaging with content.

“For example, if a person is interacting with the music streaming app on their phone or computer, Ad Manager can deliver a video ad. Or if the streaming service is running in the background, an audio-only ad can be served. Publishers can also use Dynamic Ad Insertion for their audio inventory to seamlessly insert ads into live audio streams across a variety of devices, no matter how someone is listening.”

The process, currently in beta, will make it easier for marketers to reach their audiences across different formats from a single campaign dashboard.

In addition to this, Google’s also launching a new audio ad creation tool, called Audio Mixer, which will make it easier for marketers to create audio ad content.

“With Audio Mixer, marketers are able to upload multiple tracks including music, sound effects, and voice, while also having full edit control to create a high-quality audio ad. Audio Mixer also allows brands and agencies to add the companion display creative that will be shown with the audio tracks. The preview gives marketers a better sense of their customers’ full audio ad experience.”

Once you’ve edited your audio content, you can then share your finished clips with team members, and export for use in your ads.

Google’s also looking to assist publishers in monetization through audio, with new programmatic monetization options to fill existing ad inventory, while its also adding a new audio section in its ad marketplace to showcase available placement options from top audio partners.

Google’s also looking to add more analytics tools to assist in audio ad planning, and improved prediction options to outline audio ad potential.

As noted by Google, with more people consuming more audio content, it may well be worth considering how you can diversify your ad mix, and whether expanding into audio promotions could be another option to consider.

You can read more about Google’s latest audio ad additions here.