Google just Updated New Ad Tools, Including Updated Visual Options and Prompts for Search Ads

Google continues to add new tools to help businesses shift into digital marketing, as many look to replace the operational capacity that they’ve lost due to the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world.

Google’s latest update involves new ad types, including new markers on search ads to prompt audience action, and improved display types to assist in branding.

First off, Google’s launching a new beta program for image extensions, which will enable advertisers to include product visuals in search ads.

As explained by Google:

“To help you grow online sales with your Search ads, we’re launching an image extensions beta program. You can easily add high-quality, rich assets, so shoppers can quickly see products to consider and take action faster. With image extensions, you can upload relevant images or automatically curate them from your website with machine learning.”

The option will provide new capacity to generate interest from search listings, which could help drive more direct response.

Google’s also adding new highlight markers for limited time offers, shipping capacity, and product availability in search ads, while Google’s also now testing new, dynamic carousel displays of your most relevant products in Display ads.

Google’s also adding enhanced branding tools:

“Starting today, you have new creative layouts, automatically generated video ads, and updated dynamic ads – which can now display your business name alongside your logo, emphasize your latest promotions, and even spotlight a single product.”

And lastly, Google’s also adding some new information resources to its Advertising Solutions Center, including customer and trend research to help guide your strategic approach.

The new options add to the various new tools and options Google has launched in recent months to help businesses looking to maximize their digital advertising opportunities. Google also launched a new video series in May, which showcases interviews with experts on the latest trends and developments, while it’s also added a Digital Toolkit assistance mini-site, which provides guidance on how to improve your Google business listings, based on your website and geographic data.

Given the rising reliance on digital connectivity and eCommerce options, more businesses are obviously looking for pointers and tools, and Google’s various information and ad updates can definitely help to facilitate more opportunities.

Worth considering in your process.