How scheduling Instagram Stories can help your business

Instagram Stories have become a powerful tool for marketers to drive traffic, increase engagement and even make sales.

But Instagram stories only last 24hrs, and the grind of creating and posting new content daily can be very challenging. Whether you’re struggling with creating the content, keeping all your assets in one place or simply remembering to post it between the other tasks in your calendar every day, scheduling can help.

Here are just a few of the benefits of scheduling your Instagram Stories posts:

  1. Plan Stories on web or mobile

Whether you’re on the go or sitting at your desktop, planning and scheduling Instagram stories posts from the web and mobile will help. This makes it easier for you to post your Instagram stories when the time comes, freeing up more time to think about your content and achieving your Instagram goals, instead of preparing and scheduling of Stories.

  1. Bulk upload of images and videos

When we interviewed some of our customers on how they create Instagram stories, one of the biggest pain points we found was organizing and storing all of the photos and videos they wanted to include within their stories.

You can bulk upload up to 10 assets for each of your scheduled Instagram stories posts with the help of Instagram designed apps. No more searching around various files or drives for assets, or sending everything to your camera roll before publishing.

  1. Drag and drop storyboarding

Want to see how your story will flow when it’s live? Once all of your media files are uploaded you can also drag and drop your media files to ensure your story goes out in the order you want.

  1. Prepare links and captions

Alongside uploading media, you can also add notes to include any links and captions you want to post with each part of your story. Pre-writing your captions can help to avoid any spelling mistakes and make sure your story flows just as you’d planned it to.

Once you’ve added your notes, you can also preview your story to make sure everything is looking great before it’s time to publish.