How to Apply For a Canada Visa

Have you ever gained entry into a place with someone’s signature you possess? You should have been rejected, but because of the signature, you were allowed to enter. The signature is just like a Canada Visa. We don’t want you to be confused by the above analogy, so patiently read on.

Canada is one of the most sought after places young people would like to visit. Are you one of those young people? Do you have questions bothering you on how to apply for a Canada visa? All your questions about applying for a Canadian visa will be answered today.

A Canadian visa can be likened to that signature which gives you entry legally into Canada to stay permanently or temporarily.

How to Apply For Canada Visa

There are numerous visa types, application for a visa depends majorly on the visa type. However, below are the simple steps.

1. Know your Eligibility

You can find out your eligibility for a Canadian visa via the online questionnaire on the official government website. Using the immigration tab to find out the kind of visa you are eligible for by filling in the questions. You will be notified if you are eligible for the type you’ve picked, another, or not eligible.

2. Create Online Account

If you are eligible for the visa, you will be sent some documents via your email, so it will be stated if you are to apply for a visa online or physically. To create an online account, you can use an online banking login or create a Government of Canada Login (GCKey). Use the most suitable one.

3. Arrange your Application documents

You can proceed with your visa application after login in. Do note that the reference code to be used is sent to your mail after eligibility. You will be told all other necessary documents needed, submit in systematic order and apply.

4. Payment of visa fees

After all your documents submission has been verified, you’ll be directed to the payment page. Your payment is dependent on the visa you are applying for.

5. Your waiting period

You will need to wait for some weeks for your visa application to be processed by the Canadian Embassy. You might be asked for more documents, biometric, or interviews that might require your fingerprints and passport. All other details will be posted to your mail, so make checking your mail a habit.

6. Submit your passport

If your Canada visa application is successful, proceed to the Canadian Embassy to submit your passport and processing fees which range from $20 to $50 depending on your visa type.

Do you want to ask if it is necessary to visit the embassy physically? No, not necessary, you can mail it to them and it will be mailed back to you once your visa is approved and your passport is stamped.

Types of Canadian Visa for Application

There are three major types of Canadian visas with multiple sub-visa.

Temporary Visa

A Temporary visa includes; Students visa, worker’s visa, Canada tourist visa, Canada super visa, Canada Business visa, Temporary work permit, Temporary Resident permit, working holiday visa, visa to give birth, a Courtesy visa, Diplomatic and official visa, etc.

The group of people with this kind of visa stay for a short while and leave when the time is over.

Permanent Visa

The visa in this category includes; Immigrant investor program, startup visa program, self-employed persons visa, Quebec selected skilled, worker program, family sponsorship program, live-in caregiver program, etc. Here, people who apply for this visa stay permanently.

Express Entry Program visas

This includes the Federal Skilled Trades program e.g. Carpenter, Mechanic, etc. Federal skilled worker program, Provincial Nomination Program, and The Canadian Experience Class.


To apply for a Canada visa, it is important to know your purpose of going because this is necessary when filing your application. If you know the purpose, proceed to check your eligibility, create an account, get your documents ready, pay the fees and be ready to wait as you submit your passport.

After your visa application is approved, then you can enter into Canada. It is not that difficult, right?

With the above steps on how to apply for a Canada visa, go and get yours. We can’t wait to congratulate you.

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