How to boost Facebook reach in 2020

How to boost Facebook reach in 2020

While it may seem that the cards are definitely stacked against Facebook Pages, there are still ways to improve your Facebook reach organically — it just takes a little creativity.

Build relationships and trust with your audience to boost your Facebook reach

Lauren Scissors dropped a hint as to what type of branded content will still perform well when she mentioned interactions that require some effort. She provides an example: “typing out a long and thoughtful reply to a friend’s post.”

So, what can we gather from this? The type of paid and organic content that will continue to perform well on Facebook is content that provokes thoughtful responses and creates meaningful experiences for users. Your content should ideally encourage discussion without partaking in engagement baiting — Facebook has been against that practice since 2017.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of brands that do this.

By asking users to choose between a traditional burger and a vegan burger, Bare burger creates a place for debate and discussion on the benefits of each diet.

Similarly, Dove’s post about changing beauty stereotypes invites users to share their personal experiences. Indeed, the post garnered 234 comments, and quite a few were over 79 words. In fact, Dove joined in the conversation and responded to comments with words of support and encouragement. Showing interest and responding to your followers further builds trust with them.

Create engaging content to boost your Facebook reach

Facebook users tend to lean toward content that is image-based rather than text-only. Create visually appealing posts that draw visitors in and capture their attention. Also note, video content on Facebook is on the rise and such can boost your Facebook reach, and curating enjoyable videos is a good way to get followers to engage with your posts, thereby, boosting your Facebook reach.

Know when your audience is most active

No matter what type of content you post, it’s important that you post it at the right time. When is your audience most active on Facebook and engaging with your content? You can test this on your own and schedule based on your results. Or, you can find the optimal time to post your content for the biggest Facebook reach.



Knowing how Facebook defines reach on its platform is crucial when gauging your page’s or posts’ performance. Once you understand how Facebook reach is measured, you can plan your Facebook marketing strategy with clearer goals in mind.

If you’d like to learn more strategies to build meaningful connections with your followers and increase your Facebook reach, drop your comment below.