Twitter is a suitable social platform for your business with its high rate of users (over 500 users). If you don’t want to download the App, worry not, just follow these steps and create your business profile on Twitter with ease.

* Open your browser and type in www.Twitter.com on the search box.NOTE fill in your correct details (name and email address), you can change later to your interest. Remember one email is for one account, if you have used your email to set up your account then you need another email for your business account.

*Fill the form with your correct details and click “Create my account” or “next”.

*Twitter will then ask you to follow three (3) people from the options it gives you. To follow the three people is compulsory.

*After following the first compulsory people, Twitter will ask you to follow five (5) people. You can skip this by tapping on the “skip” button.

*You will be asked to confirm your email address. All you need to is check your email and click on the link contained in the confirmation sent by Twitter.