How To Make A Face Mask For Halloween: DIY ideas for Halloween face masks

Did everyone feel that temperature drop this morning?…that chill means Halloween is right around the corner, and there’s never been a more perfect time for a holiday centered around Halloween face masks, right?

Your DIY classic Halloween face masks costume includes:

·         White mummy fabrics

·         Basic face masks

·         Orange fabric

·         Black fabric paint

·         Paintbrushes

·         Embroidery floss

·         Fabric paint

·         Embroidery needles


Easy DIY Halloween Face Masks:

Even if you’re putting on a costume to hang out at home, this DIY Halloween Face Masks guide will scratch that creative itch. And, as everyone knows, I don’t believe costumes are just for one night in October. Where’s the fun in that? Yep, you can reuse these Halloween face masks for playtime, too (or for wearing when you leave your house for the first time in months to take out the trash and you don’t want your neighbors to see you…).

How to Make DIY Halloween Face Masks

·         Scissors

·         Face paint for the areas around the eyes

·         Sewing machine + thread to match the mask fabric

·         OR plain cotton face masks

·         Iron + ironing board

Classic Halloween Face Masks

We chose some classic Halloween face masks costume ideas to show just how easy to is to transform the iconic into a practical Halloween face masks/costume. You can choose from a jack-o-lantern, mummy, a Day of the Dead skeleton. 


·         Orange fabric

·         Mask template

·         Black oversized ric rac

·         Black paint

·         Jack-o-lantern template


1.     Sew your orange face mask

2.     Trace your template onto the mask

3.     You have to first embroidery it, or paint it (easier and faster!). However you’d like to do it!

4.     Sew or glue the ric rac into the face mask to mimic the mouth.

DIY Mummy Halloween face masks:

This DIY Mummy costume requires no toilet paper, so don’t worry about making a dent in your 2021 stash. 


·         Plain muslin mask

·         Cheese cloth

·         Muslin fabric

·         Quarter inch cotton lace

·         Stretchy white netting

·         Gold and tan ribbon

·         Earl Grey Tea

·         Hot glue

·         Pins

·         Gold Thread

·         Metallic Gold Thread



1.     Cut muslin fabric into an 8 by 8 inch square.

2.     Tear strips of muslin fabric into varying strips of ½ inch to 1 inch.

3.     Cut sections of cheese cloth into similar sized strips

4.     Fill a bowl with hot water and brew four tea bags.

5.     Submerge the strips of fabric in the tea, dying them until desired color is reached.

6.     Remove strips and rinse, the color will lighten slightly after rinsed and dried.

7.     Leave strips to dry, you can speed the process with a hairdryer and straightener on a low setting.

8.     Trim along the long edge of the gold ribbon and fray the edge. Cut into similar length sections.

9.     Cut the stretchy netting into three strips and form into a thin braid.

10. Layer the fabric strips and ribbons in a criss-cross pattern across the mask. Use the pins to keep them in place.

11. Trim excess fabric around the mask.

12. Layer by layer hot glue each strip onto the mask and on to each other.

13. Lightly hot glue the braid along the bottom of the mask.

14. Sketch a scarab beetle onto a 1 by 1 inch piece of muslin fabric.

15. Using the gold thread embroider along the pattern. Use metallic thread as an accent.

16. Hot glue four strips to the back of the mask to serve as ties for the mask.


4 Cute Halloween Face Masks Idea for Kids

Let kids make their own spooky or silly Halloween face masks this year with these easy how-to instructions for a cat, butterfly, monster, and beard face mask.

Cat Halloween Face Masks


  • 1 plain fabric face mask in black or orange
  • 1 pink pom pom 
  • 3 white or silver chenille stems
  • White yarn 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


1.  Put the mask on to check where the nose should be. Mark that spot with your finger. 

2.  Overlap three chenille stems into a whisker shape and use hot glue to attach them to the spot where the nose should be. Trim the whiskers shorter as needed. 

3.  Hot glue a pom pom over the whiskers to add a nose. 

4.  Use craft glue to attach two short, curved pieces of yarn below the nose to look like the mouth. 

Butterfly Halloween Face Masks


  • 1 plain fabric face mask 
  • Small decorative butterflies
  • Hot glue gun 


1.  Lay the mask on a flat surface and use hot glue to attach butterflies to the mask in an all-over pattern. 

Monster Halloween Face Masks


  • 1 sheet each felt in pink and white
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun 
  • 1 plain fabric face mask in black
  • Fluffy boa


1.  Cut a tongue shape (about 5” long and 2” wide) out of pink felt. Cut a 1” slit in the base of the tongue and overlap the two tabs slightly to make the tongue bend. Glue to the bottom edge of the mask so the tongue curls up and down. 

2.  Cut teeth out of the white felt and glue them around the top and bottom edges of the mask so they’re pointing inward. 

3.  While wearing the mask, cut lengths of fluffy boa long enough to go around the top and bottom of the mask. Remove the mask and glue the fluffy boa to the edges of the mask so the teeth are still visible. Make sure to glue the full length of each boa section on to the mask—stretch out the mask as you’re gluing—so that it can still stretch to fit the wearer. Hot glue isn’t flexible when dry, so add a dab of every inch or so of the boa to keep the mask flexible. 

Beard Halloween Face Mask


  • Gray wool roving
  • 1 plain fabric face mask in gray
  • Craft glue
  • Thread


1.  Unroll and pull sections out of the wool roving. Lay pieces of roving down on the mask, forming a beard shape. Glue each piece down to the top edge of the mask with craft glue. Be sure to push down on the roving as it’s drying to make sure it adheres. 

2.  To make the mustache, pull out a long section of roving and tie a piece of thread in the middle to cinch the center of the mustache. Glue the mustache to the top of the mask, covering where the pieces of the beard are glued down. 

Would rather buy instead of DIY your Halloween face masks?