How to Promote your Facebook Business page Organically

Getting your Facebook Page off the ground can be daunting…because to promote your Facebook Business page organically is not that easy.

Beyond friends and colleagues, how do you grow your follower count without solely relying on ads?

Below is a straightforward strategy to help build your audience; in return, promote your Facebook Business page and optimize your Facebook presence over time.

Set specific goals for your Facebook audience

Simply put, to promote your Facebook Business Page audience requires goal-setting.

While it only takes a second to Like a Page, getting people to trust your brand is a whole other story. That’s why you need to have goals in place to build your audience.

We don’t mean hitting an arbitrary follower count either. A small Facebook audience that’s highly engaged is much more valuable than thousands of followers who never show up.

Start with thinking about the purpose of your Facebook Business page and who your target audience is. Are you looking to support a community of current customers? What about attracting new ones?

Here are some of the most common goals we’re seeing among marketers today.

These goals will ultimately inform everything from the resources you put to promote your Facebook business Page to your overall content strategies.

For some brands, a quick daily check-in might be enough. For others, it might require more legwork.

Chances are there are plenty of Facebook businesses Pages you regularly engage with yourself.

What made you a fan in the first place? How often do they post and what keeps you coming back to their Pages? After considering these points and looking at competitors in your space, you can start developing your content strategy.

Creating a winning Facebook content strategy

Given what we know about the Facebook algorithm, brands must be cautious of being over-promotional. On the flip side, simply not posting obviously isn’t an option.

To help you fill up your content calendar and brainstorm ideas, let’s look at some examples of Facebook content that typically drive engagement.

Facebook contests and giveaways

It’s well-documented that Facebook contests are prime for building brand awareness and engaging customers. Although you can’t run them around the clock, giveaways and contests can help spike engagement and introduce your business to new fans.

Video updates

Facebook has been pushing its native video platform pretty hard since the previous algorithm updates. Maybe that’s because video content is handily among the most-shared across social.

Whether through long-form or bite-sized social media videos, all you need is a smartphone to get on board.

Pro tip: if possible, brainstorm potential ideas for Live videos that send notifications to your followers and drive immediate engagement; thereby aiding you to promote your Facebook Business page indirectly.


Question-based posts

Your Facebook Business Page represents a place to build a sense of community. That means picking the brains of your followers by going back-and-forth with them.

Captions focused on questions serve as a natural call-and-response for your followers. Never shy away from an opportunity to let your followers sound off or engage in a friendly debate.



As a rule of thumb, Facebook prefers photo-based posts versus text ones or links that take users off-site.

From customer photos to snapshots and memes, strive to couple your posts with some sort of unique imagery.

Also, note that Facebook allows for easy cross-posting from Instagram if you have a business Instagram account to link.

Facebook Storie:

Although Instagram stories are very popular, bear in mind that Facebook Stories currently boasts approximately 500 million daily active users.

Stories-based content is a fun way to encourage followers to see your day-to-day happenings without worrying about spamming their feeds, thereby making it easier for you to promote your Facebook Business page.

And of course, figuring out what works and what doesn’t over time is a matter of trial and error.

The importance of engaging with your audience

It’s important to realize that your Facebook page is not something that you can “set and forget.”

For example, billions of messages are sent to businesses via Facebook Messenger every month. Failing to respond to customers, especially in a timely manner, could result in lost sales or followers.

So you have to be present on social media and be ready and willing to engage. This doesn’t mean you have to answer every single question posted to your timeline or in your inbox immediately. It does mean you need to keep a close eye on notifications and conversations.

Don’t let important messages slip by you and run the risk of losing business. Actively engage with your audience even if they’re not reaching out to you.

Reality: when you start to promote your Facebook business Page, it might be quiet for a few weeks. However, you can find people talking about your brand or your industry. Get involved with discussions and be active in your industry. Customers will see and respect that effort from your brand.