How To Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile

How To Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile

Creating your Facebook dating profile is simple, and follows the same general set up process as apps like Tinder and Bumble.

You’ll select your gender and the gender(s) of who you want to be matched with from an inclusive menu of options such as the below screenshot:


You’ll equally need to confirm your dating location, then write a brief bio. Facebook Dating profiles are the same length as Tinder profiles – 500 characters or less.

Vital Tip: In your bio, focus on highlighting a few of your most attractive qualities and traits in a natural way that makes someone want to spend time with you.


Facebook Dating also lets you display up to 12 profile “tiles.” Each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook Dating questions.

Let’s talk about the questions first:

Just click on the question you want to be displayed on your profile, and answer it in an interesting way. Questions are a great way to let potential matches learn a little more about you, so make sure to answer a few.

Vital Tip: Keep your answers positive, as negativity coming from someone you don’t know can be an instant turnoff. Use each question as a way to highlight a trait of yours that the type of person you want to date might find attractive, and you’ll be matching in no time!


Is Facebook Dating Free?

Yes – for now.

Right now Facebook users aren’t charged for the dating service, but that could change as it’s launched on a larger scale.


When it comes to selecting your primary Facebook Dating photo, follow the same rules that you would apply to choose photos for a dating app like Tinder or Bumble:

As for the rest of your Facebook Dating photo lineup, an intriguing mix of answers and photos is a good way to go.

Stick with a range of 3 to 5 photos where you look equally attractive. It may be Facebook, but it’s Facebook Dating – and all it takes is one questionable photo to make someone decide you’re not relationship material.

You can also include your Instagram posts in your Facebook dating profile if you want to share even more pictures with potential matches.

Once you’ve got all your info entered, you can review & confirm it – and your Facebook Dating profile is up and running!

Any changes you make to your Facebook dating profile won’t affect your regular Facebook profile and vice versa. That means if you delete a photo from somewhere else on Facebook, it will remain in your dating profile.

And if you delete a photo from your dating profile, it will still remain anywhere else you’ve shared it.

The same is true if you delete your entire Facebook dating profile, which you can do from the Dating Settings screen:

Anything you shared elsewhere won’t be affected.

Next, you’ll need to specify your match criteria in the Dating Settings:

Now it’s time to check out your matches!