Instagram Says Auto Caption Tools for Feed Posts are Coming Soon

This will be welcome news for many Instagram creators.

In September last year, Instagram added a new auto-captions option for IGTV uploads, improving accessibility, which it then expanded to Stories in May this year, enabling users to easily add on-screen text to their video frames.

Now Instagram is looking to make its auto caption tools available for regular feed posts as well, as per this exchange:

That will add new capacity to your feed posts, providing yet another option to improve accessibility, and maximize viewership in both sound on and sound off environments.

This could be a big boost. It’s annoying to be on a bus or out in a public place – or even watching TV next to your partner on the couch, and you can’t get the full context of a clip because you can’t switch on the sound without risking the wrath of those around you.

Now, you’ll have more options, while for creators, it’ll reduce the workload, as you won’t have to add in captions yourself and hardcode them into the video clip.

It’s not a major revelation, but it would be a helpful addition. And it looks like it’s on its way sometime soon.

Something to factor into your Instagram content planning.