Instagram Shares 2022 Predictive Trends Report

As part of its broader effort to re-connect with younger audiences, and maintain its position as a key driver of cultural influence, Instagram has published a new predictive trends report for 2022, which highlights a range of rising movements across various categories to help brands and marketers get a better understanding of key shifts.

As explained by Instagram:

“In order to create this report*, we tapped into the minds of Gen-Z to learn more about the rising Instagram trends across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, social justice, and so much more. From redefining how they approach education and the idea of a “career,” to maximalist fashion statements, these future-focused audiences are consistently creating the reality they want to live in.”

The report is presented in a kitschy retro style, and the whole design links in to pop culture shifts and trends, in an effort to underline Instagram’s role in such process.

The 13-page report highlights key trends in several areas, including food, wellnesss, memes, and fashion and beauty.

As you can see here, each highlighted topic includes data insights into usage trends and behaviors, while also pointing to key creators to watch.

There’s also a dedicated section on the future of shopping, another key element in Instagram’s broadening connective push.

In addition to the written report, Instagram has also published a series of video interviews with relevant influencers in various genres, providing more direct insight into the key shifts.

There are some interesting insights here and some valuable pointers for those looking to maximize their Instagram marketing approach in 2022.

Of course, TikTok is now arguably the leader in web culture trends, a mantle that Instagram did once hold. But Instagram remains a cultural force in its own right, and it is worth noting the various shifts in consideration of your own approach and strategy for the New Year.