LinkedIn Publishes New Insights on How to Use its Ad Tools for Brand Building and Lead Generation


Are you focused on brand building or generating more leads in your marketing efforts?

No doubt you’re looking at a mixture of both – but what’s the optimal balance, and how can you map out campaigns which, ideally, cater to both goals?

That’s the focus of LinkedIn’s latest ‘Brand and Demand’ guide, which provides a range of tips and notes on how to use LinkedIn to achieve the two aims within a single campaign stream.


And that balance is important – as explained by LinkedIn:

“A study from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising shows that the optimal balance of brand and demand in both digital and traditional marketing is a 60/40 split: 60% branding, 40% direct response. That’s how you ensure optimal impact when it comes to pricing power, awareness, and sales.”

The guide also includes this pointer on a coming analytics function:

“Soon we’ll be introducing company engagement insights so marketers like you can ensure you’re reaching the right people within target accounts both on LinkedIn and with your website. With these insights, you can focus your spend on accounts that are low in awareness or engagement, and prioritize highly engaged accounts for more conversion-oriented campaigns.”

That could help in your LinkedIn ad targeting, and the information here is well-presented and could make it easier to understand where LinkedIn marketing might fit into your broader digital outreach and promotion efforts.

So while there’s no real eye-opening new data insights or details included, it’s still a valuable guide, and definitely, if you’re considering LinkedIn for your ad efforts, it’s worth a look, as it may help to guide your approach.


You can download LinkedIn’s “Brand and Demand Playbook” here.