9 Interesting Movies Like Me Before You

9 Interesting Movies Like Me Before You

Me before you, a movie adapted from Jojo Myles’ book of the same name, is an adorable sad story. The movie is about a small-town  English girl, Louisa Clark, played by Emilia Clarke. She’s a struggling middle-class girl who supports her family.

A bubbly and eccentric young lady, she gets hired as a caregiver for William Traynor, played by the dashing Sam Claflin, a young ex-banker who gets paralyzed after an accident. Will is moody, depressed, and cynical. Despite their contrasting characters, the two form an unlikely bond and eventually fall in love.

The movie is a total tear-jerker. You’ll feel your heartbreak over and over while watching the movie. You have to love the chemistry between Lou and Will. The movie brushes on many topics, and you can’t help but empathize with Will over his decision to get assisted suicide. 

We feel like nobody would have played Lou as Emilia Clarke did. The Game of Thrones star was born to play Lou. We could almost not recognize her without her dragon. It’s almost no surprise the movie won the 2017 People’s choice award.

Although the book has two sequels, Still Me and after you, we have no hope of getting a follow-up movie. It’s almost heartbreaking that we won’t get to see these two in action again, but have no fear.

Below is a list of other interesting movies like Me before you that you could use to comfort yourself.

Interesting Movies Like Me Before You

1. The fault in our stars

This breathtaking romance is adapted from the #1 New York Times bestseller, The fault in our stars by John green. Fox 2000 Pictures duly adapted the book.

 While the book was released on the 10th of January, 2012, the movie was released two years later on the 6th of June, 2014. The movie portrays a 16-year-old girl, Hazel Grace, who has thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs.

She breathes with the aid of an oxygen tank. Hazel is forced to attend a weekly cancer patient support group by her mother, who thinks she is depressed.

She meets Augustus “Gus” Waters during one of the weekly meetings. After losing his leg to bone cancer, Gus uses a prosthetic leg and is now apparently in remission.

Gus attends the meeting because of his friend, Patrick, who has eye cancer. Hazel and Gus bond over their interests and exchange their favorite books.

This coming-of-age romance film would move you to tears as you go through the lives of these two teenagers as they fall in love. The movie stars Shailene Woodley as Hazel, and our darling heartthrob, Ansel Elgort as Gus. It’s no wonder the movie won the 2015 people’s choice awards for a favorite dramatic movie.

Conflicted about the next movie you should watch? This is the movie for you!

2. Life in a year

This heart-wrenching romance movie is a story between two most unlikely lovers. The 2020 American romantic drama film starts with Jaden Smith as Daryn, a 17-year-old high school track star groomed to get into Harvard by his father while all he wants to become is a rapper.

He meets Isabelle (Cara Delevingne) while trying to sneak into a rapper’s concert and instantly likes her. They soon fall in love, and Isabelle reveals that she has terminal cancer and has a year to live at most. Daryn decides to fit all of life’s prominent landmarks into the year they have together.

This young-adult romance movie would move you to tears. The movies discuss topics like how things never go according to our plans and living life regardless of how bad things may be.

3. A walk to remember

Despite being released in 2002, A walk to remember is worthy of being mentioned on this list. Another coming-of-age romantic drama was adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ 1999 novel, A walk to remember. The movie stars Shane West as Landon Carter.

He plays a problematic and widespread high school senior who gets into trouble with the school authorities when a prank he and his friends play on a schoolmate gets out of hand. Landon got forced to participate in a school play and gets acquainted with Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore).

He seeks help from her regarding the play, and they fall in love after a while. Soon he discovers a truth that would give their relationship an ultimatum.

The inspirational relationship between these two would keep you at the edge of your seat and reach for your box of tissues by the minute.

4. Midnight sun

17-year-old Katie Price (Bella Thorne) has lived a sheltered life since early childhood because she has a rare genetic condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum.

This illness forbids its bearer from being exposed to direct sunlight. She meets Charlie Reed (Patrick Schwarzenegger), who she has had a crush on. The two soon fall in love, and Katie tries to hide her condition from her unsuspecting lover.

Although the movie is based on a 2006 Japanese film, A song to the sun, Midnight sun, it still feels original. The story is quite relatable, and you’d find it so easy to empathize with the doomed lovers.

5. Everything, everything

Adapted from Nicola Yoon’s novel, Everything, everything, this heart-tugging romance drama tells the story of Maddy Whittier (Amanda Stenberg), an intelligent, curious, and imaginative 18-year-old who is prevented from leaving the protection of the hermetically-sealed environment within her house because she has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) also known as bubble baby disease.

When Olly Bright (Nick Robinson) moves in with his family to the house next door, Maddy’s life changes as she develops feelings for Olly. Their bond strengthens, leading them to risk everything to be together.

The movie portrays that everything is a risk, and even doing nothing is also risky. The live story between Olly and Maddy would motivate you to dream and love more.

6. The vow

This movie was inspired by the real-life story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter and was released on the 6th of February, 2012. The movie told he story of a happily married couple, Paige (Rachel MacAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum).

Their life shatters when they get into an accident, and Paige goes into Coma. Leo is devastated when his wife wakes up and doesn’t recognize him nor remember anything about their relationship.

Paige is put in disarray when she finds herself clueless about this new guy who calls himself her husband, why she gave up on law school, and how her life changed so much. Fighting difficulties, Leo tries to renew the bond between Paige and himself and rebuild their marriage.

The movie is much more tragic than expected and speaks on how a single event can cause so many changes in one’s life.

7. Dying young

This 1991 American romance film is based on a novel of the same name by Marti Leimbach. When Victor Geddes (Campbell Scott), a well-bred rich young man living with leukemia, puts out an ad for an “attractive female” to work as his caretaker, Hillary O’Neil (Julia Roberts), a beautiful young woman with little luck in love signs up and gets employed.

Hillary doubts her ability to care for Victor while he spends his time wishing he wasn’t bound down by leukemia. Their relationship develops into romance as time goes by, and Victor’s health declines. The couple stands together, determined to fight against his terminal prognosis.

The romantic tear-jerker depicts the heartbreak of cancer and the concerns of people living with cancer. You’d be divided between hoping Victor gets healed and wishing he’d live despite his illness.

8. Five feet apart

The movie is an adaptation of Five feet apart by Rachael Lippincott and was inspired by Claire Wineland, who suffered from cystic fibrosis. The movie depicts two teenagers, Stella Grant (Halley Lu Richardson) and  Will Newman ( Cole Sprouse), who suffer from cystic fibrosis.

Stella strictly follows her medications and health routines while waiting for a new lung. Will is the total opposite and is only concerned with turning 18 and getting the freedom to leave the hospital, although he has a B. Cepecia, which makes him ineligible for a lung transplant.

The two contrasting characters clash, and an unlikely bond blooms. Soon enough, they fall in love but are held back from making physical contact because two people with Cystic Fibrosis can’t touch each other and must stay at least six feet away from each other.

The two decide to break the rule and steal one foot back from C.F, keeping a distance of five feet between themselves instead.

The movie talks about a deadly disease that many people are unaware of, and it shows the tragedy of people who live their lives spent with a  high possibility of dying every day. This tragic love story would make you laugh and fall apart simultaneously.

9. Clouds

Clouds is a movie adapted from the book Fly a little higher: how God answered a mom’s small prayer in a big way by Laura Sobiech, who wrote the book after losing her son to cancer. The film tells us about the real-life story of Zach Sobiech, who is played by Fin Argus, as he battles Osteosarcoma.

He soon finds out his treatments are no longer effective and decides to make an album with his best friend and writing partner, Sammy (Sabrina Carpenter), using the little time he has left. He is soon confronted by reality and has to decide how to spend his remaining time meaningfully.

The movie shows an unfiltered but beautiful yet sad outlook on how music is made. Zach’s heart-wrenching story is an inspiration that anything can happen when you decide to truly live.

Is there a sequel to me before you?

Although the book series has two other sequels, after me before you, Still me, and after you, we have heard no news of a sequel to the movie being released. We all wish to know how Lou’s life would be after Will.

Many people are devastated by how the movie ends and feel it is unfair to have will commit suicide after finding love. Perhaps, this heartbreaking twist has discouraged the idea of a follow-up movie.

Is me before you based on a true-life story?

Although the movie seems realistic, however me before you is adapted from the book Me before you by Jojo Moyes, in an interview, the writer revealed that a member of her own family and a story she saw on the news inspired her to write the book.


Since we have almost no hope of a follow-up movie, the above-outlined movies would have to suffice. Have no idea how to get any of those movies?

Google has got you covered! Why don’t you search for any of those movies and get heartbroken by how sad love is sometimes.

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