7 Movies Like National Treasure

Are there movies like national treasure?

Some may argue that movie star Nicolas Cage is a cultural icon in and of himself, and the simple truth that he played the lead in one of the most iconic adventure films, also titled National Treasure, only adds to the case.

In the 2004 Hollywood blockbuster, Cage plays Ben Gates, a scholar on the quest for Templar Treasures, attempting to save the Declaration of Independence from a cohort of baddies.

It wasn’t essentially a smash hit at the time, but if you like entertaining expedition movies with a dash of history, you’ll be engrossed.

“National Treasure” is among the most distinctive blockbuster movies of the twenty-first century. Artifact hunting, global covert operations, mysticism, lighthearted romp, suspense, and kinship drama merged into an enjoyable wild ride in this homage to fantasy adventure films.

Brief Summary

Gates’ household has been desperately looking for these ancient artifacts for centuries, and the remainder of the exploratory group regards them as bizarre conspiracy theorists.

When their companion Ian Howe alienates them, Gates and his companion Riley Poole find themselves in a mad scramble to walk the path set down out by the Founders.

The original birthed two sequels, the 2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets and an unnamed upcoming sequel. Isn’t it exhilarating?

For over a decade, fans have been hoping for reports on a sequel trilogy, and a new prequel series is being produced for Disney+. If you’re a “National Treasure” supporter, you should watch these movies like National Treasure.

Movies Like National Treasure

1. Tomorrowland

Gates has a youthful naiveté about him that makes him an intriguing lead character, as he has pursued his boyhood dream of discovering hidden treasures since he was a small child.

Locating the Masons’ treasure would not only restore respect to his household after years of being mocked by the scholars, but it would also fulfil his childish wonderment. Because of the universality of Gates’ goal, the “National Treasure” films were enjoyable for both kids and parents.

Through its transgenerational main characters, Brad Bird’s epic journey film “Tomorrowland” addressed common ideas of early life with accomplishment.

The movie depicts Casey Newton, an adolescent researcher who is also an activist against the demise of NASA. Casey meets the elderly innovator Frank Walker throughout her awareness campaigns.

As a kid, Walker unearthed a strange sci-fi group called “Tomorrowland” led by the planet’s brightest people. On the other hand, Frank was booted out of the isolated society and disenchanted with its opportunities.

Casey must now persuade Frank to s new in his aspirations and rediscover his childhood love of exploration and advent. Gates must persuade his father to resume the quest for the household treasure that he neglected in his youth.

2. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The quest for hidden treasure can be taking a toll, pushing actors to their cognitive and psychosocial boundaries. In both “National Treasure” films, Gates must cope with actors whose motives are less than honorable.

In the first film, he is backstabbed by his frequent partner Ian Howe, who is willing to ruin ancient records and commit acts of violence, which Gates finds unsettling.

The two must go their separate ways to find the treasure, and each carries the repercussions. Gates is conferred state leeway for the laws he has broken due to his legitimate interest in history, whereas Ian is incarcerated.

In the quest for hidden treasure, John Huston’s 1948 expedition masterpiece “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” examined striking similarities of ethics and the associated consequences.

The plot revolves around two explorers, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin, who team up with an older adventurer named Howard to hunt for hidden gold in the Mexican valley.

While they are on the same page and take the same approach at first, Curtin eventually abandons the team when his activities become more self–absorbed.

Curtin abandons his colleagues because he is devoured by the personal fortune and splendor he could attain from discovering the gold on his own.

He eventually joins forces with robbers who double-cross him in just the same manner.

3. Holes

Gates defies jurisdiction, making him an intriguing central figure in “National Treasure.” Unlike other treasure hunters who seek stardom, Gates is only interested in restoring his family’s honor and sharing the Masons’ findings with the rest of the world.

His missions regularly pit him against state forces and bounty hunter groups, and as a result, he is commonly secluded and given constrained capacity.

Gates is frequently on his own, even though he can fall back on his closest buddy Riley, his girlfriend Abigail, and his wider family.

The 2003 children’s expedition movie “Holes” correspondingly secluded young main characters must argue with authoritarian adults while searching for a mystical relic.

Stanley is condemned to 18 months in juvenile Camp Green Lake, where he and his fellow inmates Zero, Zig-Zag, Armpit, Squid, X-Ray, and Magnet are compelled to dig up an artifact site.

4. Swiss Family Robinson

The “National Treasure” films contain elements of family members bonding, as Gates and his household feel closer as an outcome of their shared identity.

At first, Patrick Gates, Gates’ father, faces challenges in communicating with his son due to their misunderstandings about the family heritage. Still, they ultimately patch up their barricades and understand to have tremendous respect for each other.

The sequel, “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” added to the complication by incorporating Gates’ mother and offering Patrick the opportunity to repair his marital relationship.

It was interesting to watch the family work out their discrepancies during an action-packed expedition, but this was not the first time Disney used this strategy with its live-action-adventure movies.

For example, the 1960 classic “Swiss Family Robinson” follows the titular household once they become stuck on a desert island after a shipwreck and are forced to remain.

An elderly couple team up with their sons, Fritz, Arnst, and Francis, to protect their temporary home from a gang of evil pirates.

5. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

The connection between Gates and his father, Patrick, is among the most enjoyable elements of the “National Treasure” film series.

Patrick, besides his son, was a bounty hunter who decided to pick up the hunt for the Masons’ bounty and the significance of the sentence “the secret lies with Charlotte.”

In his older life, he became disenchanted with the opportunities of the families’ quest but didn’t want his son to join in his footsteps.

Frank is now annoyed by his son and unwilling to join him on another expedition. Still, when he learns the relics are authentic, he gradually becomes engaged in his young excitement. The father and son team agrees: they both love history, but they express it differently.

The blueprint for their friendship can be found in Steven Spielberg’s 1989 classic “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

Indiana Jones, the paleontologist expedition protagonist, is primarily the blueprint for Gates — he’s a clever, astute hero with a childish intrigue with the historical record, science, and mythology, and his endeavors are wholly laudable.

Indeed, Jones’ attitude that “it originally belonged in a museum” is likely to be shared by Gates.

The third instalment of the iconic film series describes Indy as he joins forces with his father, historian Henry Jones Sr, to search for the Holy Grail.

6. The Goonies

Gates is an amusing hero of the story in the “National Treasure” movie series as he is continually evolving and discovering new ways to solve mysteries.

Gates is not an implicitly wealthy individual, and his family has made no substantial financial profits as a byproduct of their exploration. Still, he creates his tools to gain access to the National Archives. Because of his entrepreneurial approach, he became a more likable protagonist.

The 1985 expedition comic epic “The Goonies,” directed by Richard Donner, encapsulates the same essence of innovative thinking, and the young characters Mikey, Chuck, Mouth, and Data are similarly relatable protagonists.

They, like Gates, are fascinated by hidden relics and enigmas and are on the lookout for a mythical pirate ship claimed descent from a pirate known as “One-Eyed Willy.”

7. The Mummy

Among many other films about hidden treasures and primitive mysteries, the “National Treasure” films were notable for incorporating actual historical elements.

The films centered on instances from American history and how they could be linked to hidden visual cues; the first movie focuses on several pivotal times from the Revolutionary War, and the second movie integrates the American Civil War.

As a result of watching these films, people in the audience could learn valuable lessons about origins.

The “Mummy” film series did something similar for Egyptian history. The early movies showcasing mummy tombs were published when many breakthrough new findings were made at ancient Egyptian monuments.

Many legendary movies featuring the title character’s corpse have been made, which include 1932’s “The Mummy” (which presented the persona to the Worldwide Monsters brand) and the advanced films featuring Brendan Fraser (which landed their cult audience).

On the other hand, the 1959 Hammer horror film “The Mummy” is the version of events focusing the most on the elements of the chronological and archaeological evidence.

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Even though Chris Bremner will almost certainly be composing the screenplay, the venture will not go into production until the script is completed. However, if everything goes as planned, we can expect ‘National Treasure 3’ to be released around 2022.

Are there facts in the film National Treasure?

National Treasure contains some historical facts, as doubtful as they may seem in the grand scheme. The screenwriters created a fanciful storyline, ensuring it was historically accurate. You might be amazed at how many of the references in the film are true.

Is Nicolas Cage in the works for National Treasure 3?

While there were plans to introduce National Treasure 3, it was plagued by numerous disruptions over the last decade-plus, and Cage recently announced why the threequel never materialized.


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