11 Movies Like The Invisible Guest

Are you hoping for films with twists and turns and movies like The Invisible Guest that will abandon your heart in your throat and your jaw on the floor? Then here are 11 perfect movies like the invisible guest!

Oriol Paulo’s Spanish-language puzzle is one of the best of the last couple of years, and it’s been reinvented 3 times, notwithstanding only being launched in 2016.

The following entries are insured to tickle a very comparable urge. They are continuously mesmerizing, with new strands of the mystery being incorporated at every turn.

Best Movies Like The Invisible Guest

1. Primal Fear

In Gregory Hoblit’s drastic legitimate thriller, Edward Norton made a solid first impression by receiving an Academy Award nomination for his effectiveness as a stammering old church kid suspected of killing.

The persona work enhances a film that hits many of the show’s most iconographic beats. Richard Gere’s story is grounded, while Norton gets the limelight of the significant characters, but the persona work enhances a film that hits many of the genre’s most archetypal beats.

Tension mystery novels like The Invisible Guest make a difference easily until the show ends, and Primal Fear is no exception, with a genuinely jaw-dropping conclusion.

2. The girl with the dragon tattoo

Although the Hollywood spinoff had a much larger budget, Nils Arden Oplev’s source material recounted the story of a reporter and hacker unfolding a blood-thirsty conspiracy much better.

Noomi Rapace directs every iota of the display in a spectacular superstar performance in a riveting and captivating murder mystery that you wouldn’t be able to take your gaze away from if some of it wasn’t so tough to watch.

Films like The Invisible Guest don’t have to be refined and shiny to convey the presumption, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a rugged contemporary noir that is still one of the genre’s latest best bits.

3. The Body

It’s not surprising to see The Body on a list of shows like The Invisible Guest, provided that it’s directed by the same person and has just as many unexpected twists as its heir apparent.

The body of a murdered woman is missing from the coroner’s office, and when her criminally responsible husband is taken in for questioning, strange things begin to happen.

It’s more than a glimpse of scary stories in The Body, but revealing too much would ruin the revelation. If you like your enigmas dark and haunting, give it a shot.

4. Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a flawlessly designed thriller that allows David Fincher to do what he does effectively, as Ben Affleck has become the person of interest in his wife’s vanishing. Of course, it’s not that easy.

Rosamund Pike gives her best performance as the lead, playing both sides of her persona flawlessness in an astonishingly clever and thrilling story that will question your allegiances.

Gone Girl, a contemporary thriller depicted in greyscale, raises as many concerns as it addresses and will keep you awake at night pondering about it.

5. Secret in Their Eyes

The Hollywood spinoff was star-studded, but Juan José Campanella’s Argentine manuscript is far preferable to Secret in Their Eyes.

A veteran detective writes a novel based on one of his cold cases, but the journey down memory lane unearths many old skeletons and recent discoveries.

Secret in Their Eyes was stringy, excitable, and highly volatile, and it probably should have won Best Foreign Language Feature at the Academy Awards.

6. Boy Missing

Victor is a young boy who was discovered wandering along a country road. Patricia, a well-known lawyer specializing in media trials, becomes aware of the situation and rushes to the hospital.

She informs the police that Victor is deaf and therefore unable to speak and that he communicates only through sign language.

At the police station, Victor clarifies that a mysterious man abducted him as we approached the school. The police identify Charlie as a criminal suspect, a man with money problems, and an 8-month pregnant wife who can’t describe where he was when Victor was abducted from school.

Following the failure of the police to apprehend Charlie after several failed efforts to meet Victor, Patricia links Ral, Patricia’s former love involvement, and Victor’s father, to request that he or a friend of his threaten Charlie seriously.

When it is discovered that Victor made an incorrect characterization, Patricia attempts to block Ral, setting off a chain of events with uncontrollable repercussions.

7. Mirage

Mirage, one more exhilarating introduction on our list of shows like The Invisible Guest from filmmaker Oriol Paulo, incorporates a time-traveling element while maintaining the same ethereal quality.

A woman saved a boy’s life 25 years ago, but the law of unintended consequences results in her daughter’s death, and she must battle to make things right.

Mirage, an outstandingly audacious game with many moving parts, will keep you entirely immersed as even the slightest specifics result in big payoffs later on.

8. The Gift

Joel Edgerton guides and stars in the creepy fantasy of an old friend reappearing in their life – with nefarious intent, along with Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall.

The Gift is an outstanding slow burner, and films like The Invisible Guest work so much better when the storytelling spout loops into the plot rather than dropping bombs on the viewers with dramatic moments.

Edgerton shines on both ends of the camera in this clever and nefarious thriller that plays with the audience’s anticipations.

9. The Game

As the routes around life and recreation become progressively distorted in David Fincher’s most underappreciated film, Michael Douglas gives one of the greatest moments of his stellar career.

Douglas’ investment firm is flung into a game that overlaps with his private affairs, and incidents rapidly lead to inconsistencies due to the main character’s inability to distinguish between real life and leisure.

The Game is one of many films, like The Invisible Guest, that’s become highly complicated until the final sequence when a succession of disclosures leave you speechless.

10. Shutter Islands

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio join forces for a time frame Gothic murder mystery in which nothing is ever as simple as it appears.

An all-star cast of characters lends the enigmatic chiller the atmosphere of a luxurious drama before plunging headfirst into genre tropes as the plot solidifies and the wobbling sense of foreboding ramps up.

The best films, such as The Invisible Guest, necessitate repeated viewings to fully comprehend and applaud the nuances, and Shutter Island falls squarely into that category.

11. Searching

As John Cho’s disoriented dad tries to assemble his children’s abduction, Aneesh Chaganty’s gripping thriller holds the heartbeat racing for the whole 102-minute duration.

Searching is an even more fantastic accomplishment because the entire film is shot entirely on computer and smartphone monitors, making it a masterstroke in innovation.

Searching is a must-see if you like films like The Invisible Guest that relate the dynamics of the suspense thriller to contemporary technologies and technical narration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to watch The Invisible Guest?

Contratiempo, a Spanish film, has an English caption release captioned The Invisible Guest. It is a fantastic film in so many ways. Excellent acting, tension, cliffhangers, camera work, and other elements. It is well worth viewing from start to finish, whether in Spanish or with English subtitles.

Who assassinated The Invisible Guest?

Elvira explains that the trying to extort was done by Tomás. That Tomás had the right motivation to kill Laura and frame Adrián for it. To involve Tomás, Adrián must fess up to what he did to Daniel. Elvira clarifies that Tomás’ wife works at the hotel, enticing him to stay there.

Is the film Badla the same as The Invisible Guest?

The title of Sujoy Ghosh’s new film Badla discloses its concept. The thriller, featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu, is a reboot of the Spanish hit The Invisible Guest, which is about a murderer who is brought to trial.

Is The Invisible Guest connected to the innocent?

The Innocent, or El Inocente in Spanish, is an up-and-coming Netflix crime series television series from Oriol Paulo (The Body, The Invisible Guest) that is premised on a book by famous American suspense writer Harlen Coben.


‘The Invisible Guest,’ a spine-chilling puzzle suspense movie from Spain, is Oriol’s 2nd suspense film. With an IMDB rating of 8.1 out of 10, this film is known to be the highest thriller film to date.

We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for movies as chilly and mystical as this one. This collection will encompass 7 distinct movies, similar to ‘The Invisible Guest.’ These movies will be easy to locate because they are all available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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