New GIF Trends Tool from Google Trends and Tenor Team up

Struggling to find the perfect GIF, using the perfect celebrity, to express the right emotion in your tweet?

This could help – this week Google Trends has teamed up with GIF platform Tenor to create a new tool that highlights key GIF trends by celebrity, action, the emotion conveyed and more.

As you can see here, based on GIF searches, the listing can give you insights into the most popular search terms related to each celebrity, while you can also search for a specific response type.

You can also select any celebrity/identity and it will show you what the most popular GIFs for that person/character are:

There’s a range of ways you can sort the data – for example, you can also see the top-ranked GIFs in a listing for each person/character.

Need the perfect ‘eye roll’ GIF?

It’s an interesting way to search through GIF trends and find relevant responses. It could also be great for staying on theme with your GIFs, using visuals from the same characters, shows, etc.

If you’re looking to make use of GIFs in your marketing outreach, it could be a handy tool to have on hand – you can customize the various searches within this post, and download the GIFs direct from the examples.