Over 80% of Marketers Turn to Facebook and Instagram to Build Brand Awareness

Over 80% of Marketers Turn to Facebook and Instagram to Build Brand Awareness

Last week, we ran a few polls in the newsletter to learn more about how marketing goals vary between social media platforms. You may use a platform to accomplish many goals, but there is most likely one goal that you both have invested in and have consistently seen a great return on that investment.

We selected four common social media marketing goals to focus on:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Lead Generation & Sales
  3. Customer Service
  4. Community Engagement

Instagram and Facebook were the first two platforms we selected for the polls. Given the immense user-base of both platforms, plus the diversity of interests and communities found on each, it’s not a huge shock that brand awareness took the lead in both of these polls.

For Instagram, brand awareness took the lead with 39% of participants claiming this to be their primary goal on the platform. This could be an indicator that Instagram is a great place to launch a new brand on social and get noticed.

Once again, brand awareness took the lead on Facebook with 30% of the majority vote. Next, with 26% of the vote came generation and sales. Following close after with 24% was community engagement.

It’s also not a huge surprise that these two polls shared similar results with brand awareness leading and customer service coming in last. Many marketers link their Instagram and Facebook accounts, adjusting their approach slightly for each, but there is still a connection between the two.

We will continue to run polls to learn more about social media marketing behavior in our community.