Smart phone maintenance tips

To make your smartphone last longer does not only demand wiping
it with wipes just to keep it neat, but it also demands the following

In as much as we love making use of our phone very often. We should try to keep the battery at a minimum of 50%. The phone battery lasts longer when it is always kept at a high percentage.
Pressing our phone when the battery is low always weakens the

Keeping your phone at a high percentage is one thing and charging with the right charger is another thing. Try to always charge your phone with the right charger which could only be the one that came with the phone but when lost or damaged, you should try and replace with an original charger from the phone store you got it from. Going for a cheap charger will cause more damage than the cost of a charger. Also, try to charge when the phone case is off, with the case on, it causes to much heat which can reduce the life span of your battery.

Keeping your phone away from water preserves the phone. Although nowadays some devices are water resistance, in some cases prevention is better than cure.

Your device uses more battery in a poor network environment
because the device tries to draw more network to itself and always
ended up using more battery. In this case, it is advisable you
switch your phone off since it serves little or no purpose at that