Snapchat Launches New 'Snap Focus' Advertising Education Courses for Marketers

Snapchat Launches New ‘Snap Focus’ Advertising Education Courses for Marketers

Snapchat has launched a new education platform for marketers to provide tips and notes on how to get the most out of the platform’s various ad options.

The new education platform, called ‘Snap Focus‘, is similar to Facebook’s ‘Blueprint‘ and Twitter’s ‘Flight School‘, offering a range of courses on the various Snap ad options and tools, which include overviews, visual rundowns and student tests at the end of each unit to confirm your knowledge.

As explained by Snapchat:

“The Snap Focus curriculum features six courses that will give you a foundational understanding of Snapchat, the Snapchat Generation, advertising formats and opportunities, how to deploy media and creative campaigns in Ads Manager, and creative best practices.”

You can access the Snap Focus platform here, with your Snapchat login. That will take you to the main dashboard, which provides links to the available courses and other Snap ad tools.

The courses themselves are fairly basic, though as with the Blueprint and Flight School streams, each generally reveals at least a few insights or pointers that you may not have been aware of, even if you’ve been using social ads for some time.

Each course, as noted, provides a rundown of various elements, with helpful visuals to guide you through.

If you’re considering Snapchat ads and you’re not sure where to start, then definitely, this is worth your time, while if you want to ensure that you’re on top of your game, it’s also worth checking out. The courses are all relatively quick and might help you to look at Snap ads in a different way.

And Snapchat ads are likely worth considering – last week, at its 2020 Partner Summit, Snapchat reported that:

  • Snapchat is now up to 229 daily active users, with 100 million MAU in the US alone
  • Snapchat now reaches more people in the US than Twitter and TikTok combined, and more 13-34-year-olds in the US than Facebook or Instagram
  • The app has seen 120% growth in Indian daily active users over the past year

It won’t be for every brand, but if you’re looking to reach younger markets, the data suggests that Snapchat should definitely be on your radar, while new innovations like its in-app navigation bar could open up the platform to even more users.

That could make Snap Focus even more relevant. Worth a look!