This is All You Need to Know about Snooze in Gmail

Every day, our emails inbox is filled with loads of unimportant and important mails just because you haven’t understood the work of Snooze in Gmail. Discarding the junks is quite simple, but care must be taken when it comes to important emails. There are times when we cannot be bothered or reply by the responses. This is where the Snooze in Gmail helps us.

The feature of Gmail’s snooze is perfect for the conversation to be paused and continue from where it had been left. It is available on mobile apps and desktops.

What is Snooze in Gmail?

The Snooze in Gmail means to put off an accrued mail. It works just like the alarm clock. The snoozed accrued mail can be notified again to any time or date as you like. No matter when you set the snooze, the Gmail will notify you.

Once your email is snoozed, it will be temporarily removed from the inbox and moved to another folder called the Snoozed. If you happen to snooze a multiple mail message it will snooze all the message chains and will move to the Snooze in Gmail folder.

Once the time is out for the Snoozed Email, it will notify you just like the ordinary mail notifications. The only difference would be is it will be labeled as Snoozed. It will be the first in your inbox and will have a timestamp. It will move down as and when a new mail arrives.

What Happens to New Mails During the Snooze in Gmail Period?

Snooze does not mean it mutes the emails. So, if you get new mails from the same person whose mail you have snoozed, you will be informed about it and the mail will appear just like any other ordinary mails. If you happen to receive a reply from the snoozed thread mail, you will be notified and it will be removed from the snoozed folder. You will then have to snooze the mail again.

How Can the Mail be snoozed on Mobile and Desktop?

 Snooze Emails on Website

  • Step 1 –The Gmail Website must be launched and open the mail that you like to be snoozed.
  • Step 2 –The clock lookalike is the Snooze button. Click on it.
  • Step 3 –After you select the snooze in Gmail period, it will be removed from the inbox and moved to the Snoozed folder.

If you want multiple emails to be snoozed, select the mail on the screen and click on the snooze icon that is available on the top. This method can be used for single mails too.

 Snooze in Gmail on iOS and Android

  • Step 1 –Open the mail on the Launched Gmail app.
  • Step 2 –Click on the icon that has three dots on the top-right corner of the screen. Select snooze.
  • Step 3– The time for snoozing must be selected from the given options.

 How to Unsnooze Emails on Gmail

Select the snooze folder and open the mail that you wish it to be unsnoozed. On the desktop, the unsnooze button is available on the top of the screen. In Mobile apps, it is available in the menu options of the three-dot icon.