TikTok is currently testing a new feature for buying stuff you don’t need

If spending all your time aimlessly scrolling through TikTok isn’t enough, you might soon be spending all your money on it too.

The viral video app confirmed it’s currently testing a new feature that allows some users to add e-commerce links to their content. That also means creators may soon be able to earn some extra cash for themselves.

Fabian Bern, the founder of Chinese Startup Uplab, posted a tweet on Thursday demonstrating how the feature works. In the video, right underneath the cute little puppy running freely in a panda costume, you can see a link for “Pandaloon Costumes.” A tap brings the user to the creator’s Amazon Page, where they can scroll through and purchase an outfit for their own pup.

It’s also not the only place where TikTok is testing e-commerce links. Creators can add a URL to their profile bio, too. Similar to Instagram, users can easily click through to merchandise shops, social media accounts, or other third-party content.

But the ability to shop for products within social media apps isn’t a groundbreaking feature. Instagram introduced its “Checkout feature” back in March, which allows users to purchase items with a few quick taps. Meanwhile, back in 2018, Snapchat introduced Collections — a type of ad that allows brands to link to their products, eliminating the need for users to swipe up.

As for TikTok, it’s unclear whether the feature will roll out to all users.