TikTok is Testing a New Option which Enables User to Upload Videos of up Three Minutes in Length

This could be a big change.

According to reports, TikTok is testing a new option that would enable users to upload videos of up to three minutes in length, an increase on the current 60-second limit.

As you can see in this tweet from social media expert Matt Navarra, some users are being given ‘early access’ to the option.

Originally, TikTok videos had a 15-second limit, but TikTok then allowed people to extend that by stringing four 15-second segments together. This new change, if it goes through, would essentially triple the current limit – which, as noted, could have a big impact on how people, and importantly brands, use the app.

At three minutes, TikTok clips could include a lot more information, which could be great for expanded promos, tutorials, guides, etc. There are a lot more ways that TikTok videos could be used – but then again, TikTok has seen major success because of its length limit, which forces users to think more creatively about how they can grab attention in a short time.

But many said the same about Twitter. Back in 2017, when Twitter announced that it was doubling the length of tweets, many suggested that it would hurt the platform because the 140 character limit was key to Twitter’s success. Pushing people to be more succinct seemed like a key element for the app, but Twitter has maintained its usage rate since then, and the extra characters have seemingly not had major negative impacts on the platform.

Could that be the same for TikTok? Sure, everybody is aligned to short, concise, quick-hit video clips, but if there were also longer videos in there, would that work? Would it help? Would it matter?

This, of course, is what the testing phase is designed to determine. TikTok hasn’t confirmed the test officially, but it seems to be rolling out to some users.