TikTok Shared a New Holiday Campaign Planning Guide for Marketers

TikTok has published a new guide to help marketers maximize their holiday campaign, which outlines key insights into usage trends, critical dates for planning, ad tips, seasonal templates and more.

First off, TikTok includes a range of usage and trend stats which underline the rising influence of the app.

The time spent chart is particularly significant – TikTok users now spend a lot of time in the app, with the addictive, highly attuned ‘For You’ feed keeping people scrolling for hours on end. That then makes TikTok more influential as well, which is an important element to consider in your holiday planning.

And if you are mapping out a holiday campaign, TikTok provides an overview of an effective planning schedule to keep in mind:

This is actually a pretty good overview that could help to keep your campaigns on track, and ensure that you’re covering all of your bases, rather than just jumping in and launching a campaign straight away. A more strategic, spaced out schedule for planning will better ensure that you’re ticking all the key boxes, and thinking through each element in detail before implementation.

The guide also includes detailed outlines of all the key steps in the ad planning process, along with overviews of all of TikTok’s creative ad tools and features to help maximize your approach.

There’s also a holiday campaign planner that you can fill in, along with a visualization of key dates.

It’s a handy guide, which could be a big help for TikTok marketers, providing valuable insights and tips to boost your holiday campaign. And again, you may not have even known that many of these features existed – if you’re thinking of launching a TikTok holiday campaign, really at any time, it’s worth downloading the guide and taking a look through the notes.