Tips on how to secure your money from theft

As we are in the technology era, many good and bad things came with
the technology which online theft is among. When people cry of
their phones being snatched from them without knowing the main
disaster is the sim card (especially when it’s connected to your
bank account).

Now, let me tell you what the robbers do after snatching your phone from you.

1)They remove your SIM card, flash your phone and either sell it at a very cheaper rate or slot their SIM card into it and start using.

2)Some throw away the SIM card they removed from that your phone while the intelligent ones slot the sim in another phone.

When they insert it in another phone, their operation becomes
easier, they will use that your number to get your BVN by inputting
the universal code of *565*0# at the rate of #20 and make use of
your USSD for transferring.

Though no one prays to lose his/her phone but to be on a safer
side one has to learn the following technique.

SIM lock is different from our usual phone lock which can either
be password, pattern or pin. Phone lock can easily be flashed if
it’s an android device or your SIM card removed if the iPhone is
proving stubborn.

SIM lock is the password or pin to your SIM. It remains even when
you slot your SIM card into another phone.

To lock your SIM CARD, you need your SIM pack to get your default SIM pin. But if you don’t have it, don’t panic
GOOGLE is there to help. Just type in your number on GOOGLE
search box, it will bring out the details you seek. When you enter the number you got from GOOGLE and they said it’s incorrect,
don’t enter it the second time. STOP!. Go straight to the telecommunication office and it will be reset for you.


*Go to settings
*click on the More tab

*Click on the security

*Click on set up SIM card lock

*Click on the lock SIM card (either 1 or 2)

*Enter the DEFAULT pin

*Click OK.