Twitter is Testing New App Icons and Launch Screen for iOS

According to MacRumors, Twitter is testing out a new set of app icons on iOS, and a new intro animation when users open the app.

This is a fairly small, but still significant tweak.

As you can see here, the new splash animation adds a new, news-type feel to the app, with press-clip visuals amplified within the bird logo.

Twitter’s also testing out four different variations of its app icon.

MacRumors reports that users in the Twitter Insiders beta program are being asked for their opinions on the new designs, before any eventual rollout.

As noted, they’re relatively small additions – and likely not a priority for Twitter right now as it deals with the ongoing investigation into last week’s major account breach.  But iOS users may have a whole new look for the app, which could help to add a new level of interest.

I mean, it’s probably about time, it feels like Twitter’s visuals haven’t been updated for a while.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress.