Twitter Officially Launches A New ‘Retweets with Comments’ Listings on iOS

You may have noticed this in your retweet display over the past few weeks, but now, Twitter is making it official – on iOS at least.

From now on, your retweet count will include both basic retweets AND retweets with comments, and you’ll also be able to see which is which in a new listing within the tweet detail.

As noted, Twitter has been testing the new listings over the past few weeks, with the update looking to address a commonly noted annoyance with Twitter’s displayed engagement stats.

Up till now, Twitter has actually considered a retweet with a comment to be a unique tweet in its own right, so it deliberately hasn’t included these in your total retweet count. Many have suggested that this was likely a bug with Twitter’s system, but it wasn’t – Twitter considered a retweet with a comment a separate action from a regular retweet.

But now, the issue will be clarified, and you’ll be able to get a full, all-encompassing listing of your total retweet count, while also being able to view the related comments and responses, and engage with those as well if you choose.

And don’t worry Android users; it is being tested on Android as well.

This is a good addition, which, as noted, corrects what seemed to be a flaw in Twitter’s system. And while the additional retweets added to your total count may add a little to your vanity stats, the capacity to easily see retweets with comments, and engage with the same, is a significant, functional improvement, which could increase tweet engagement.