Twitter Shares 2022 Planning Guide to Assist in Your Tweet Strategy


Twitter has published a new 2022 planning guide to assist in your tweet strategy, which includes a range of templates, tips and prompts to get you thinking about how to maximize your tweet approach over the next year.

The full guide is 69-pages long, but most of that is taken up by monthly calendar listings for you to fill in.

First off, Twitter prompts marketers to plan ahead, with templates to help them map out their month-by-month tweet strategy.

The guide then seeks to help marketers develop guiding principles for their tweet strategy, by outlining keywords, visual approaches, emojis, etc., that they can then use as a basis for their brand guidelines.

This is a valuable and often overlooked element, and by prompting marketers to consider these elements, that could ensure a more uniform, strategic approach across the board, maximizing alignment with your tweets.

Twitter also includes a range of prompts like this, which can help in establishing your practical approach.

The main chunk of the new guide, however, is dedicated to month-by-month listings, where Twitter has left room for marketers to enter daily details on key objectives, events and ad campaigns to assist in performance tracking.

The final element of the guide is a listing of tweet tips and notes, to give you that final push in maximizing your tweets.

It’s a handy overview, and even if you’re confident that you know Twitter pretty well, taking the time to outline and document your strategic approach could reveal new elements and opportunities that you hadn’t previously considered.

At the least, it may be worth taking a look and thinking over the various prompts in relation to your tweet marketing strategy, and considering whether there’s anything you could add into your planning.

There’s a lot to take in, and it’s free, and great for your planning.


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