Twitter Shares Tips for Brands Looking to Enhance their Messaging Amid COVID-19

Aside from the broader impacts of COVID-19, 2020 has provided many challenges in terms of getting your outreach messaging right, and ensuring that you remain both sensitive to the various situations, while also pushing to maximize sales for your business.

What should you be saying during a pandemic? Should you be saying anything? Will your messaging be criticized for missing the mark?

While there are many impacts and many considerations, the fact is that for businesses that are able to continue operating, marketing remains essential, and there’s a defined need for brands to keep advertising, even during the broader downturn, to lessen the expanded impacts.

To help with this, Twitter’s Canada team has this week provided some simple tips to help businesses maximize their messaging amid COVID-19, in order to align with consumer expectations during the pandemic.

Here are their three tips:

1. Lead with Purpose and Positivity

One of the key elements that have grown during the pandemic is empathy, and a broader sensitivity to the impacts on general society, with people becoming increasingly aware of the challenges faced by others.

That’s important to note for brands – Twitter says that businesses should consider how they can align with purpose-driven pushes to help strengthen their brand presence and contribute to positive change.

How can your brand help, either directly or via contributions to relevant causes, and how does that align with your campaigns? There are various ways which you could consider, which can help to elevate your marketing efforts.

2. Lead with Something New

Twitter says that brands and products that have launched during the pandemic are seeing 15% to 25% larger growth in the share of voice. This makes sense – more people are using social media more often amid the lockdowns. But Twitter notes that, while it may feel counterintuitive, people are looking for new things to engage with, and launching now could be of benefit in some cases.

That’s particularly relevant for new products that can be showcased in a video, with people looking for more content to consume in their free time.

Which, given there are far fewer social events on, is also more open than usual.

3. Lead by Connecting

Lastly, Twitter notes that brands should look to tap into trends, and align with rising discussions to connect with consumers.

You’ve likely seen this happening more often of late. The ‘How it started/How its going’ meme is a good example, with brands looking to align with emerging discussion trends in order to increase connection with their audiences.

These are some simple notes which may help to better align your messaging during the pandemic. Twitter also suggests that brands look to tap into occasions – like Halloween – given the majority of engagement around such will now be occurring online, while Twitter also recommends the use of live-streaming to enhance connection.

Some quick notes that may be of benefit to your holiday approach.