What Does OBJ Mean in Text? (Explained)

What does OBJ mean in text? This is a question we’ve been asked on countless occasions, and we will try to explain it here.

While reading, we all know that bumping into a dotted box with the acronym OBJ in a text can be a disgusting and frustrating interruption.

It is more frustrating that OBJ not only appears on texts but occasionally on your social media.

Instagram and Facebook have been discovered to have OBJ errors more than other social platforms.

In this article, we will teach you all you need to know about what OBJ means in texts.

What Does OBJ Mean in Text?

OBJ is generally an acronym for the word OBJECTIVE. The word objective has numerous meanings, depending on the context of its usage.

In text, OBJ also means Objective Replacement Characters (and this is the meaning of OBJ this article is focused on).

Does An Empty Square in a Text Mean the Same As OBJ?

Empty squares, a rectangle with a question mark, and OBJ are related cases of unrecognizable characters to your gadget.

If the data you receive contains any object your gadget cannot display, these errors appear on the screen.

Your phone or gadget can’t interpret the text’s image, emoji, or special characters. Be that as it may, don’t get your pretty head stressed over this issue, as it helps the application capacity to run appropriately.

Factors Responsible for OBJ In Texts

There are a few factors responsible for OBJ – Objective replacement characters occurrence. Some of these are:

1. Software Bug

The underlying factor responsible for OBJ’s appearance on text is a software bug.

A software bug implies an error or fault in software that produces unexpected and unintended results.

Software bug emanates from bugs in your gadget’s software or application.

To resolve this issue, visit your playstore or ios Appstore, as the case may be, and update the social media apps and keyboards.

If that doesn’t work, the next line of action would be to update the operating system of your device.

2. Utilizing Voice-to-Text Option

This blunder typically happens when an Apple device or an Android device user utilizes the voice-to-text feature to write a comment or post.

However, the program manages numerous blunders due to the user’s unclear accent. At this point, the data replaces your unrecognizable voice with the OBJ images or articles.

Essentially, there is no way around this matter aside from talking gradually to permit the software to get your order.

3. Lack of Updated Emoji Library of Apple

This is one of the most prevalent and ongoing issues for people, because Apple engages in consistent updates of its emoji library by adding new emojis quite frequently.

When Apple updates the emoji library and android users especially are unable to see the new emojis, it will warrant the appearance of OBJ in the text since the device doesn’t support those emoji or characters.

4. Corrupted Data

Corrupted data issues are uncommon among smartphones but familiar with Mac and Windows.

This issue occurs mostly during the data transferring process to your device from another.

And an unstable internet connection is a common reason behind this problem. Due to missing data, your device displays a placeholder object instead of the objects you received.

How to Fix OBJ Error Issues

Download New Emoji Keyboard or Emoji Library

One method for fixing OBJ issues is by downloading another Emoji console or Emoji library on your gadget.

It’ll refresh the current emoji library, ultimately fighting the OBJ blunder plaguing your phone or social media post.

If, by any chance, you need a few ideas for emoji, you can attempt Gboard, Bitmoji, and Swift Keyboard for Android and IOS.

After introducing these consoles, set them as the virtual console, and you shouldn’t see the OBJ issue once more.

I comprehend the dissatisfaction related to dealing with this issue consistently, and it is very baffling that you can’t understand what they are sending over the message.

Updating the app is the fundamental way of getting rid of the OBJ problem. You can update your social media apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

If updating the app doesn’t fix this problem, you can try updating the Emoji library of your device, as stated above. If this issue persists in android or Apple, you need to update the OS.

To update your device’s OS, the following steps will come in handy:

  • Go to the settings of your device
  • Search for the section of the software update
  • Scan the device to find the available updates
  • Tap on the update option and let your OS get updated

What OBJ is not?

OBJ error is in no way a virus. For this reason, it is not an issue that should excessively stress a gadget user. OBJ is a placeholder object that replaces the unrecognizable characters by your gadget.

It’s a straightforward issue that you are confronting because your gadget doesn’t support or recognize those emojis or articles.

Bugs in software arise due to constantly changing requirements, software complexity, programming errors, timelines, communication gaps, documentation errors, etc.

Related Questions

What does OBJ mean in Grande?

When you see OBJ in a box, it signifies the application translated anything you typed as a Unicode object replacement character (U65532). The message was garbled during transmission, and the file sent was in an image format that your phone/app couldn’t process, or your messaging app has a flaw.

What does the OBJ emoji on Snapchat stand for?

When you receive a text or a message with an unrecognizable emoji, the obj emoji, also known as the rectangular box emoji, is used as a substitute. As a result, the obj emoji replaces the actual emoji and displays the text, keeping the app’s underlying code functional and bug-free.

On eBay, what does OBJ stand for?

OBJ may be an acronym for object. It isn’t easy to guess without understanding what it is or how it’s used. You could send a message to the seller and inquire. On the item listing, there is a contact link (located in the seller information box).


Without a doubt, following the above possible solutions adequately will enable you to fix your OBJ issues quickly.

I hope this article was helpful? If you gained immense knowledge from the article, kindly drop a comment, share and subscribe to this blog in other to get notified whenever new content is posted.

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