WhatsApp Dark Mode for iOS is finally here – here’s how to turn it on

After months of waiting, WhatsApp dark mode for iOS is coming to the messaging app.

Dark mode fever has gripped the tech world and it’s finally coming to one of the most used apps on your phone: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp dark mode for iOS is finally rolling out its darkened version with promises to reduce eye strain in low-lit environments and avoid those awkward moments when a device lights up a room (If you’re doing that in the cinema, there’s an Odeon service that encourages you to lock your phone away during a film so you won’t be tempted).

WhatsApp dark mode for iOS admits it has taken a while to get to this stage. Apple and Google both rolled out dark mode as part of their respective mobile software updates last autumn, whilst Instagram followed suit in October.

It says it took its time researching and experimenting on how dark mode would work on the app in two particular areas: readability, so it would minimize eye fatigue; and information hierarchy, so it’s easier for users to focus their attention on the information they need on each WhatsApp screen.

Nevertheless, it has finally arrived and here’s how to set it up WhatsApp dark mode for iOS on your phone.

How to turn on WhatsApp dark mode for iOS

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. Go to either the App Store on iOS and search for the app to see if you need to update it.
  2. Once this is done, go into the app and hit Settings.
  3. In the Chats section, click on Theme and then select ‘WhatsApp dark mode for iOS’.
  4. If you have iOS 13 or Android 10 installed on your phone, then if you choose WhatsApp dark mode for iOS in your phone’s settings, your WhatsApp app should automatically turn dark too.


How WhatsApp’s dark mode for iOS feature will look on iPhones (WhatsApp )

WhatsApp says the new feature is rolling out of WhatsApp dark mode for iOS in the coming days isn’t available on your device just yet, don’t worry.

It’s claimed WhatsApp dark mode for iOS has many benefits: as well as preventing eye strain, it’s also supposed to mitigate the effects of blue light which can keep you up at night. It’s also expected to boost battery life by 30 percent, which certainly comes in handy.