Who started the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and tinder meme?

If you were less-than-psyched about the ten-year challenge that blew up all over social media just as 2019 was coming to an end, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new viral meme challenge heating up right now, and this one doesn’t necessarily require you to sift through the dark bowels of your Facebook photo history. The 2020’s first viral meme is being called the “Dolly Parton Challenge” because, according to USA Today, it was kicked off by the country music legend herself.

Earlier this week, Dolly Parton took to social media to share a collage of four photos featuring her from different eras and projects. Each image was labeled LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder. Dolly’s clothing, poses, and props in the photos reflect the different ways that many of us present ourselves on different social media platforms. For instance, in the photo labeled “Linkedin,” Dolly looks totes profesh, dressed in a conservative blazer and ascot with a pencil tucked into her bouffant. For the image labeled “Tinder,” on the other hand, she used a photo from her 1978 Playboy cover shoot complete with bustier and bunny ears.

Since the meme was shared by Parton, several celebrities have recreated it with pictures of themselves and several fan accounts have applied popular TV shows to the meme format with hilarious results. Ahead, find our favorite Dolly Parton Challenge memes so far, and get inspired to post your own.