YouTube is Testing a New Analytics Overview Summary to Help Creators Maximize Performance

YouTube is working on a new video analytics display that is designed to help creators better understands where their views are coming from, and how they can maximize each video’s performance.

As explained by YouTube Creator Insider Conor Kavanagh:

“This is a new analytics video overview that has smarter explanations about how your video is doing. It’s going to tell you more about how it’s doing fro the point of view of the YouTube home page and Watch Next suggestions.”

As you can see here, the new analytics report highlights your video’s click-through rate and average view duration, while it also provides specific insight as to how much of your traffic is coming from ‘Home’ and ‘Suggested’.

YouTube also provides some pointers at the bottom of the listing:

“When a video’s topic, title, or thumbnail attracts more viewers, that video is more likely to be recommended to similar viewers on Home and ‘Up next’ suggestions.”

YouTube’s been working to improve its analytics tools over the last few months, which has included the launch of a new, integrated channel performance chart in Creator Studio that displays views, subscriber count, watch time, and revenue performance.

These new insights would come in addition to the existing reach and engagement stats on each individual video post, providing more specific information on CTR and how people are finding your content (the info on average view duration is already available, though it’s listed in a more basic format).

That could help you shape your YouTube strategy, in order to capitalize on the attention. If, for example, you’re not seeing good traction from these surfaces, you could use that as a prompt to reassess your approach, and improve your presentation. The charts also provide a comparison between the video you’re looking at and your regular uploads for more contexts.

In addition to this, YouTube is also adding a new filter so you can view uploads marked as ‘Made for Kids’, which impacts data collection and monetization, while it’s also integrating Copyright strike notifications into Creator Studio. You can check out more detail on YouTube’s latest updates here.