YouTube Updates Video Analytics, Adds Quick Stories Insights in its Mobile App

YouTube is adding some more new insights to its Creator Studio dashboard, along with a new display for Stories analytics in its mobile app.

The features were announced in the latest Creator Insider video, and add to the existing analytics options that YouTube has rolled out for Creator Studio over the past few months.

The main addition is to the video analytics overview layout, which will soon resemble the channel analytics format, and will include a new real-time performance indicator section at the right of the screen.

As per Abhinav Singh, a program manager at YouTube:

“We heard from a lot of you in the feedback that it currently looks too small, so we added a ‘See More’ button that will enable you to look at your video’s real-time views in full-screen.”

As noted, YouTube has added a range of new analytics and data tools to this display in the last few months, including its new ‘Revenue Per Mille’ metric, which makes it easier for creators to see how much they’ll earn per 1,000 views of their videos.

With advertisers slowing their spending on YouTube, creators have lost out in recent months, with most YouTubers seeing CPM declines of between 30% and 50%. Adding more data tools can help creators maximize their content, and get the most out of their efforts, while also increasing transparency on the platform.

In addition to this, Singh notes that YouTube has also updated its channel recommendation highlight notes above the main chart on screen:

“We’ve improved our analysis to detect reasons why your video could be over or underperforming, such as changes in search or external traffic.”

On another front, YouTube is also rolling out a new form of basic Stories analytics on the home screen within the mobile app.

As you can see here, the new listing will display aggregate views and subscribers gained from Stories you’ve posted in the last 14 days.

Stories don’t yet seem like a major addition to the YouTube ecosystem, but it is slowly gaining some momentum, and the additional insights will help creators understand how much focus they should give to the option.

The new features are being rolled out to all creators over the next few weeks.